What is Reiki?

Reiki pronounced (ray key) is a hands on healing art that involves the channeling of energy through the hands for the purpose of healing the body, mind, spirit and emotions. This healing art has been practiced in Tibet, India, Egypt, and resurfaced again in mid 1800s in Japan. It is not a religion or a creed. It is simply a healing energy that transforms and uplifts all that come in contact with it as it will strengthen the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

The experience of a Reiki treatment is unique to each individual.  Your session lasts about an hour and beforehand we’ll discuss what you can expect from your treatment.  I will ask you to think about setting your intentions and something you’d like to heal.  It can be anything from physical to mental, emotional or spiritual.

Make an Appointment

Stonecatcher Reiki is located in Altadena, California, about 10 minutes north of Pasadena.  Call or email Sarah to schedule an appointment.  Please include any preferred dates and times in your message.




$80.00 per session

Three-pack of sessions – $210

Five-pack of sessions – $320